Infant Scales for Clinics
Catholic Relief Services
$10 gives an infant scale to a clinic. Weight is an important indicator of a child's health. With their scale, medical staff can gain an insight... more
Gives 1 infant scale

Crib and Baby Gear for Families
$30 provides a crib and baby gear to provide a low-income family with a comfortable place for their child to sleep. K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers... more
Gives crib and baby gear for 1 family

Newborn Care Package
Save the Children
$45 gives one mother a newborn care package, including soap, a knit cap, breastfeeding guidance, a clean blanket and parental counseling.... more
Gives 1 newborn care package

Diapers for Needy in Phoenix
Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Phoenix
$50 provides a mother with diapers for a month. For mothers in need with young children, diapers are a necessary evil and a costly expense.... more
Arizona - Phoenix
Gives a month of diapers for 1 child

Medical Care for Baby's 1st Year
Compassion International
$55 covers the costs of a baby's medical needs for a year, including the needed vaccinations or medical checkups. An infant's health in the first... more
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America
Gives first year medical care for 1 baby

Sponsor an Orphan
Life for Relief and Development
$55 provides an orphan with food, clothing, shelter, educational support and basic medical care for a month. This gift will change the lives of... more
Afghanistan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gaza Strip, Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, West Bank
Gives total care for 1 orphan for a month

Housemother for Child-Led Home
Keep a Child Alive
$100 buys the care of a housemother for a month for one child-headed household. Life is nearly impossible for children who lost their parents to... more
India, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda
Gives a month of care for 1 parentless home

Diapers and Formula in NY
Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children
$150 provides a month of diapers and formula for one woman. For mothers in need with young children, diapers are a necessary but costly expense.... more
New Jersey, New York
Gives a month of diapers & formula for 1 child

Immunize a Baby in CO
Doctors Care
$160 buys 20 immunization injections for an uninsured newborn's first 20 months of life in Colorado. Vaccinations are expensive, yet they are... more
Gives immunizations for 1 baby