Pineapple Plants for a Family

Gives 500 pineapple plants
Gift Description:
$23 purchases 500 pineapple plants for a family. Pineapple is an ideal crop, as it is easy to grow, delicious and provides excellent nutrition. It is the perfect gift, as pineapple can be eaten or sold to pay for food, education or household expenses.
Area Served:
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East
Gift Provided By:
Concern Worldwide US
New York, NY
Concern Worldwide US is a global community that shares a common vision of a world where no one lives in poverty, fear or oppression, and all have access to the opportunities and choices essential to a long, healthy and creative life, and can be treated with dignity and respect. Concern Worldwide focuses on engaging in long-term development work and responding to emergency situations so people in poverty achieve major improvements in their lives that last and spread without ongoing support from Concern.

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