Trial Seed Packets for Farmers

Gives trial seed packets for 1 farmer
Gift Description:
Your donation sends a trial-size seed packet to a farmer overseas. Different crops are more effective in different climates, and finding a crop that best fits a farmer's situation is vital to increasing income. With trial seeds that have been screened in similar climates in the United States, a farmer can experiment with a new crop that may produce higher yields. If a farmer finds a successful new crop, he or she can share the seeds with his or her neighbors to increase the well-being of an entire community. By donating trial seeds, you can help a community find the best crop to grow while aiding in the global fight against poverty by matching crops to their best climates.
Area Served:
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North Fort Myers, FL
ECHO is an information hub teaching farmers around the world how to be more effective in producing enough to meet the needs of their families and their communities. ECHO gathers solutions, including sustainable farming techniques, nutritional plants, and appropriate technologies that are solving hunger problems, and disseminates them to an active network. These solutions are well tested and proven to be successful over and over again.

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