One Sheep for a Family

Gives 1 sheep
Gift Description:
$60 provides one family with one sheep. Sheep supply wool, milk, meat and fertilizer that can be used for income, nutrition and farming. These products can be used personally or sold at market by the farmer. Sheep have a distinct economic advantage when compared to other livestock because they do not require expensive housing, are drought tolerant, and six sheep can be kept on the same amount of land as one cow. Even better, sheep produce at a faster rate and a younger age than many other livestock. They can be bred as young as a year and often produce twins, effectively doubling the size of the flock and investment. They consume plants that many other animals cannot and therefore do not need to be fed with outside grains.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
Save the Children
Fairfield, CT
Save the Children gives children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm through programs that focus on education, emergency response, health and nutrition, HIV/AIDS, hunger and livelihoods, U.S. disaster response and protecting children. By transforming children's lives now, Save the Children changes the course of their future. In 2014, Save the Children worked in 120 countries and helped more than 166 million children—including more than 55 million children directly.

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