Eyeglasses for Kids Worldwide

Gives eyeglasses for 1 child
Gift Description:
$16.67 provides eyeglasses for one child. 90% of the world’s 285 million visually impaired live in developing countries. Among those impaired, 19 million are less than 15 years old. For children, if they are unable to read the printed page or the blackboard, they are left behind at school. Help us provide children around the world with sight. Your gift will provide for glasses and equipment and bring in experts to develop local expertise over time.
Area Served:
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America
Gift Provided By:
VisionTrust International
Colorado Springs, CO
VisionTrust’s mission is to develop orphaned and neglected children into mature Christians equipped to live in their own culture. It does this by enabling Christian nationals to meet the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of these children. It accomplishes this work in countries all over the world by partnering with local leaders in countries with the most need, striving to meet the crucial needs of hungry, abused, sick, neglected or ignored children.

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