Piglet for a Family's Income

Gives 1 pig
Gift Description:
$45 provides one home with a piglet. Little pigs grow into big pigs fast. With only a small investment, a woman in the Philippines can raise piglets into hogs and support her family with the income. Since the average sow can produce 15 piglets a year, your gift can soon turn into much more! Along with the additional income that can be earned from the sale of animals (piglets can be sold at market for a premium), pigs also provide valuable protein that is easy to dress, cure and store. Pigs are ready to be slaughtered after 6 months of age, with each pig producing well over 100 pounds of meat. Pigs require little space, provide an excellent fertilizer for crops, and happily feed on scraps and other bio waste not used by a family.
Area Served:
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America
Gift Provided By:
Lutheran World Relief
Baltimore, MD
Lutheran World Relief works to improve the lives of millions of smallholder farmers and people experiencing poverty both in times of emergency and for the long term. LWR builds and maximizes community assets to develop strong local economies and resilient communities, toward our ultimate vision of an end to poverty, injustice and human suffering. Focusing on agriculture, climate, and emergency operations, LWR works with local partners and builds on communities' existing strengths.

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