Oral Health Kits for US Children

Gives 1 oral health kit
Gift Description:
$6 provides one low-income child with an oral health education and a health kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Teeth should last a lifetime, but due to improper diet and hygiene, many children experience painful and costly tooth decay. This affects their health and ability to concentrate during school. Your contribution provides the proper education for children on how to take care of their teeth and gives them the tools to do so. Give a child a glowing smile and improved health for the rest of their lives with a small gift.
Area Served:
United States
Gift Provided By:
Phoenix, AZ
Esperança envisions a world where communities across the globe have the tools, training and support to achieve optimal health through access to clean water, safe housing, nutritious food and disease prevention/treatment. To achieve this vision, Esperança is working directly with communities and using sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment to improve health and provide hope for families in the poorest communities of the world.

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