New Home in Peru Highlands

Gives 1 house
Gift Description:
$2,500 covers the construction of one home in Peru complete with an oven with a chimney, a proper bathroom, access to clean drinking water, and well-constructed roof, walls and floor. In the highlands of Peru, families are exposed to extreme elements with the cold and the wind in the mountains. Wind easily pierces through the native building materials of stone and thatch roofs and causes respiratory problems and disease. Your gift can change the unfortunate circumstances by providing a new, safe and healthy home.
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Phoenix, AZ
Esperança envisions a world where communities across the globe have the tools, training and support to achieve optimal health through access to clean water, safe housing, nutritious food and disease prevention/treatment. To achieve this vision, Esperança is working directly with communities and using sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment to improve health and provide hope for families in the poorest communities of the world.

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