Hammer & Nails

Gives 1 set of hammer and nails
Gift Description:
$25 provides a hammer and nails to one construction worker in the Dominican Republic. These crucial items will allows workers to complete construction projects like attaching roofing sheets to wooden trusses over a new home, constructing the wall of a new house, and hundreds of other projects requiring a hammer and nails. By providing one set of tools, you will help a rural village build several shelters and buildings to protect themselves and create better lives.
Area Served:
Dominican Republic
Gift Provided By:
HOPE International
Lancaster, PA
HOPE International is a network of microfinance institutions and savings and credit associations operating in 17 countries around the world. Hope works to empower people to break the cycles of physical and spiritual poverty through discipleship, biblically based business training, savings services and small loans. In its network, HOPE includes traditional microfinance programs, microfinance plus programs savings and credit associations, and small and medium enterprise development programs.

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