Meals in Weld County

Gives 6 meals
Gift Description:
$1 provides 6 meals to Weld County. Weld Food Bank recognizes the need for emergency and supplemental food programs and works with other nonprofit organizations to meet the critical needs of low-income families. Last year, we were able to distribute 11.5 million pounds of food to those in need. We provided 22,432 backpacks stocked with supplies for children, 30,760 meals to kids, and over 28,000 Emergency Food Boxes to hungry families.
Area Served:
Colorado - Weld County
Gift Provided By:
Weld Food Bank, Inc.
Greeley, CO
Weld Food Bank effectively provides food to low-income residents, while eliminating duplication of food collection efforts and providing significant savings for the community’s nonprofit agencies. Weld Food Bank partners with over 100 nonprofit agencies in Weld county to supply food for distribution to their clients, as well as directly providing food through the Food Box, BackPack, and Kids Café programs. Last year the food bank distributed 11.5 million pounds of food to those in need.

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