Ceramic Water Filters

Gives 1 ceramic water filter
Gift Description:
$19 gives one environmentally friendly, long-lasting ceramic filter to a family in need. These ceramic water filters are truly remarkable. They are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, affordable to build, and—most importantly—they save lives! As dirty water harbors parasites that cause disease, developmental problems and even death, filters dramatically decrease the rate of waterborne diseases and provide clean drinking water to some of the one billion worldwide currently without access. Give clean, safe water to a family for less than the plastic filters we buy for our own homes.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
Action Against Hunger | ACF-USA
New York, NY
Action Against Hunger | ACF International is an international humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger by curbing malnutrition in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster or chronic food insecurity. It carries out innovative programs in nutrition, food security & livelihoods, water, sanitation, and hygiene, directly assisting over seven million people in 40 countries each year, along with countless others through capacity-building programs.

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