Give a Fruit Tree to a Family

Gives 1 fruit tree
Gift Description:
$10 covers the cost of a fruit tree to provide long-term nutrition for one family. Those in rural communities often have trouble getting the proper nutrition for themselves and their children. With the proper care, a fruit tree will provide a consistent nutritional source for one family. It can also give them an extra source of income to buy medicine, schooling, and any needed household items, as any excess fruit can be sold at local markets.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
International Disaster Emergency Service
Kempton, IN
In 2014, IDES partnered with 158 mission partners (foreign missions, stateside ministries, or US congregations among Christian Churches/Churches of Christ) in 36 nations to successfully implement 268 projects. Projects include relief from natural disasters and refugee crises; feeding programs to combat hunger; development projects, including clean water initiatives, micro-enterprise start-up funding, and school supplies, among others; and medical assistance.

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