Feed a Family for a Year

Gives a year of fruits & veggies for 1 family
Gift Description:
Your gift of $25 supports the growth of enough fruits and vegetables to meet the annual needs of one family in sub-Saharan Africa. Many families rely on subsistence farms that often fail to produce enough output to feed themselves. Your gift puts one family's minds at ease by guaranteeing they will have enough food for a year. This will increase productivity for parents at work and children at school and may be the break one family needs to lift themselves out of the poverty trap.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
KickStart International
San Francisco, CA
Kickstart's mission is to help millions of people out of poverty. it promotes sustainable economic growth and employment creation by identifying business opportunities, designing products, establishing a supply chain, developing the market by convincing people with little money to make big investments, and measuring/moving along. By following this process, KickStart has created 140,000 jobs and $140 million annually in wages, and moved 860,000 people out of poverty.

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