Potatoes for Food and Income

Gives potatoes for 1 family
Gift Description:
Your gift of potato plants for one family’s garden gives them a method to generate a supplemental income as well as an immediate source of nutrition. In environments like the highlands of Peru and Bolivia, where the mountainous, rocky soil and the cold high-altitude environment make it difficult to grow fruits and vegetables, potatoes often thrive. These plants can combat malnourishment in children, as they assist in providing the proper vitamins and protein children need to properly develop both physically and mentally. Your donation can change a family’s life by increasing their income and improving their health with one small gift.
Area Served:
Bolivia, Peru
Gift Provided By:
Phoenix, AZ
Esperança envisions a world where communities across the globe have the tools, training and support to achieve optimal health through access to clean water, safe housing, nutritious food and disease prevention/treatment. To achieve this vision, Esperança is working directly with communities and using sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment to improve health and provide hope for families in the poorest communities of the world.

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