Polio Immunizations

Gives 66 polio immunizations
Gift Description:
$36.40 provides 200 doses of polio vaccine to protect 66 children from the incurable disease. We have waged an epic battle to eliminate polio. In many regions, we’ve won. But in other areas, millions of children remain at risk. Polio is a highly infectious disease transmitted through contaminated food and water. The virus invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis in a matter of hours. With only 416 reported cases in 2013, we are closer than ever to destroying polio for good. But until it is fully eliminated, polio remains a threat to children worldwide. Your donation furthers the fight against polio and improves the life of each child who receives a vaccination.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
United States Fund for UNICEF
New York, NY
The United States Fund for UNICEF’s vision is a better world for children everywhere, and it does whatever it takes to save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. This mainly includes programs to save lives from Ebola, water-related diseases, malnutrition, lack of immunization, HIV/AIDS and malaria; build futures through increased education and decreased trafficking, violence, diabetes; and provide emergency relief from earthquakes, hurricanes, conflict, food crisis, floods tsunamis.

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