Vaccines & Health Care in Haiti

Gives health care & vaccinations for 1 child
Gift Description:
$30 will provide basic healthcare and vaccinations for a child in Haiti for one year. Tuberculosis, measles, mumps and other childhood diseases that have been virtually eradicated in the U.S. are still common to children in Haiti. Basic healthcare can discover any untreated issues and start children on the recovery process. By improving children's health, you are allowing them to attend school more often and focus more when at school, which will improve their lives forever.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
International Child Care
St. Louis, MO
Crisis Aid's mission is to assist in sustaining life, bring encouragement to those suffering and collaborate with other relief organizations in bringing necessary foods, materials and medicines to people in times of crisis. Together with its partners, Crisis Aid has provided 8.8 million pounds of food to 1.4 million adults and malnourished children, rescued more than 330 girls from sex trafficking, and much more.

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