Treatments for HIV-Positive Kids

Gives anti-retroviral treatments for 1 child
Gift Description:
$100 will pay for multiple antiretroviral treatments for an HIV-positive child. Over 21% of the children treated by ICC programs test positive for HIV/AIDS. Standard antiretroviral therapy (ART) consists of the combination of at least three antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to maximally suppress the HIV virus and stop the progression of HIV disease. Huge reductions have been seen in rates of death and suffering when use is made of a potent ARV regimen, particularly in early stages of the disease. Since 2013, the World Health Organization has recommended ARV use for the prevention of HIV infection, particularly for pregnant women, young children and key populations exposed to HIV risk.
Area Served:
Dominican Republic, Haiti
Gift Provided By:
International Child Care
St. Louis, MO
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