Treat Intestinal Parasites

Gives intestinal parasite treatment for 2 people
Gift Description:
$1 treats 2 patients for intestinal parasites. While the parasites aren't fatal, they cause extreme discomfort and can wreak havoc on a child's mental and physical development, especially if they go undetected. Parasites often either consume important nutrients or don't allow proper absorption by their host so the person is unable to get the vitamins and minerals needed to grow. By ridding two people of an illness, you will end their suffering and allow them to grow healthy and strong in the future.
Area Served:
Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nigeria
Gift Provided By:
Timmy Global Health
Indianapolis, IN
Timmy Global Health sends medical service teams to support the work of international partner organizations, and channels financial, medical and human resources to community-based health and development projects. It seeks to strengthen local health systems while promoting a spirit of humanitarianism, global awareness, and a long-term commitment to ending health disparities. Timmy currently manages 10 project sites in 5 developing countries as well as 60 cites in the US.

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