Life-Saving AIDS Care

Gives 1 month of life-saving AIDS care
Gift Description:
$30 buys the essential AIDS care necessary to keep an adult or child with AIDS alive and healthy for one month. Simply providing ART therapy (which is a combination of three antiretroviral drugs that stop and suppress HIV) may keep someone alive, but it doesn't guarantee that they can lead a happy, healthy life. Keep A Child Alive attacks AIDS from all angles by improving patients' nutrition, providing medical checkups and testing, and further treatment if it is necessary. This way, patients can work on treating the deadly disease while improving their quality of life and overall happiness.
Area Served:
India, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda
Gift Provided By:
Keep a Child Alive
Brooklyn, NY
Keep a Child Alive aims to get life-saving HIV medications to African children and families, who otherwise would not have had access to treatment. Its work has grown to include the critical components necessary to support successful, life-long HIV treatment, including comprehensive clinical care, nutritious food and psychosocial support, all delivered with compassion, dignity and respect. Keep a Child Alive now serves 50,000 people through seven grassroots programs annually.

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