Fill a Prescription in NC

Gives 1 prescription
Gift Description:
$7 fills one prescription for a person in North Carolina who might otherwise have to choose between food and medicine. A trusted community resource for 41 years, we serve 1 in 24 residents of Forsyth County, providing $5.4 million worth of services in our latest fiscal year. The short-term emergency services we provide include assistance with rent/mortgage payments and utility bills, food from our Client Choice Food Pantry, and prescription medications from our Licensed Free Pharmacy.
Area Served:
North Carolina - Forsyth County
Gift Provided By:
Crisis Control Ministry
Winston-Salem, NC
Crisis Control Ministry was founded in 1973 by religious congregations in Winston-Salem to offer financial assistance for people in need. CCM is the largest emergency assistance provider in Forsyth County, and served over 21,000 people in 2014. Crisis Control Ministry believes that anyone can experience a financial crisis. When this happens, CCM offers targeted short-term emergency assistance to solve the crisis, all the while treating these families with the respect and compassion they deserve.

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