Fluoride for a Community

Gives fluoride for 1 community of kids
Gift Description:
$100 provides fluoride to one community of kids in need. Fluoride prevents tooth decay and reverses early decay. Fluoride is a cost-effective method to reverse lack of care by strengthening teeth against plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth so children's teeth are healthier for longer. Dental care is the greatest unmet health-services need among children in poverty. Your gift will protect children from mouth pain and allow them to attend school more often and lead a happier life. Giving to Timmy Global Health will be money well spent because the organization adopts communities and works with them long term in order to provide consistent quality to those in need.
Area Served:
Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nigeria
Gift Provided By:
Timmy Global Health
Indianapolis, IN
Timmy Global Health sends medical service teams to support the work of international partner organizations, and channels financial, medical and human resources to community-based health and development projects. It seeks to strengthen local health systems while promoting a spirit of humanitarianism, global awareness, and a long-term commitment to ending health disparities. Timmy currently manages 10 project sites in 5 developing countries as well as 60 cites in the US.

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