Gives 100 condoms
Gift Description:
$3 provides 100 condoms to those who can't afford them to protect against HIV and unwanted pregnancy. This gift will lower the rate of unplanned births, abortions (which are often illegal and unsafe), infant deaths and miscarriages. It allows families to time their pregnancies, improving female access to education and increasing family savings. Nationally, birth control slows population growth and creates a stronger economy. Your donation will allow hundreds of people to improve their lives and in turn bring a positive change worldwide.
Area Served:
Caribbean, Central America, South America, United States
Gift Provided By:
International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphe
New York, NY
IPPF saves lives by reaching the most vulnerable people with millions of sexual and reproductive health services each year while securing/protecting government policies and funding to continue to improve the lives of millions more. The International Planned Parenthood Federation promotes the prevention of unintended pregnancy through contraception, comprehensive sexuality education and the elimination of gender-based violence by providing program planning, sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, governance, and fundraising.

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