Prenatal Care in Virginia

Gives prenatal & postnatal care for 1 mother
Gift Description:
$250 provides prenatal care for one uninsured pregnant woman in Richmond. CrossOver operates two free clinics in areas of need in Richmond, Virginia, and they are able to help 6,800 individuals annually. Your gift helps keep the clinics' doors open to continue providing free services to the community. The care needed to reduce preterm delivery, increase birthrate and decrease infant mortality includes prenatal vitamins, checkups for expecting mothers, and information on how to properly care for a baby both in the womb and once it is born.
Area Served:
Virginia - Richmond
Gift Provided By:
CrossOver Health Care Ministry
Richmond, VA
CrossOver Healthcare Ministry’s mission is to provide healthcare, promote wellness, and connect the talents and resources of the community with uninsured people in need. CrossOver offers a full continuum of healthcare services to the uninsured that includes family medicine, primary care, obstetrics and pediatrics, podiatry, dental and vision care, mental healthcare, HIV diagnosis and treatment, and critical medications. CrossOver is currently serving more than 6,800 individuals annually.

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