House a Family for a Night

Gives a day of shelter and food for 1 family
Gift Description:
Just $50 provides food and shelter for one family in Sunnyvale for a night. Many homeless, especially homeless families, are down on their luck and providing daily comforts will allow them to get their lives back on track. With a safe place to sleep, meals, financial aid and other supports through Sunnyvale Community Services, they can focus on large-scale tasks like finding a permanent job and stable housing. Give one person the support they need to attain self-sufficiency by providing the needed care.
Area Served:
California - Sunnyvale
Gift Provided By:
Sunnyvale Community Services
Sunnyvale, CA
Sunnyvale Community Service's mission is to prevent homelessness and hunger for low-income families and seniors facing temporary crises. It provides financial aid, food, clothes, Christmas support and other support that prevents larger problems with more expensive solutions.

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