Shelter and Food in El Paso

Gives a day of shelter and food for 1 person
Gift Description:
For $19, you can provide a night of food, shelter, clean clothes, showers and counseling to help one homeless person in El Paso, Texas. Many homeless are down on their luck and providing daily comforts will allow them to get their lives back on track. When they have a safe place to sleep and get warm meals, they can focus on large-scale tasks like finding a permanent job and stable housing. Give one person the support they need to lift themselves out of poverty by providing the needed care.
Area Served:
Texas - El Paso
Gift Provided By:
Rescue Mission of El Paso
El Paso, TX
Rescue Mission of El Paso proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor, hungry and displaced while demonstrating the love of Christ. It provides food, shelter, clothing, counseling and vocational training to those in need. Additionally, RMEP's Relapse Prevention programs are designed to help our clients overcome life situations and addictive behaviors. In February 2015, the mission provided 8,748 meals, 4,533 items of clothing, and shelter for 1,778 men, 584 women, and 11 children. [CHANGED "PAIRS" TO "ITEMS." IF IT WAS MEANT TO BE PLURAL, "SETS" WOULD BE THE BEST WORD]

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