Shelter and Food in SC

Gives a day of shelter and food for 1 person
Gift Description:
For just $33.84, you can provide a day of lifesaving meals, shelter, utilities and care to help one homeless person in South Carolina. Many homeless are down on their luck and providing daily comforts will allow them to get their lives back on track. When they have a safe place to sleep and get warm meals, they can focus on large-scale tasks like finding a permanent job and stable housing. Give one person the support they need to lift themselves out of poverty by providing the needed care.
Area Served:
South Carolina - Cherokee County, Greenville County, Miracle Hill County, Spartanburg County, and Pickens County
Gift Provided By:
Miracle Hill Ministries
Greenville, SC
Miracle Hill exists as a shelter for homeless children and adults. It serves thousands of free meals to those in the shelter, provides safe and warm housing for on average 560 homeless people each day—and even more during cold weather—and leads two recovery programs for those facing life-dominating addictions. We also provide case management, personal and group counseling, daily devotions, and educational opportunities for those in our care to set the homeless on the path to stability.

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