Feed Shelter Animals in Tampa

Gives a month of food for 1 animal
Gift Description:
$5 feeds one pet for one month while it waits for a loving home. Animal Shelters help provide food and care to homeless animals in need, but overpopulation has become a major issue as shelters struggle to feed and house pets. Over 4 million pets are homeless in America and do not have adequate food or shelter. Shelters take in homeless pets and care for them until they can be adopted or reunited with their family. Without your help, shelters can not continue to care for and support the great number of animals received and many healthy animals have to be euthanized.
Area Served:
Florida - Tampa Bay
Gift Provided By:
Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Tampa, FL
The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need. It is a "No Kill for Space Shelter" that does its best to find homes for its animals to help lower the rate of animal euthanasia in the United States. Along with the shelter, the Humane Society also offers a range of low-cost services, including food assistance, safety net programs, behavioral training, spay/neutering, grooming and veterinary services, among other programs.

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