Pair of Egg Laying Chickens

Gives 2 chickens
Gift Description:
$15 provides a family with a pair of egg-laying chickens. Chickens are a wonderful gift of vitamin-rich food for a hungry family, as one laying hen can produce up to 200 eggs a year. The sale of extra eggs also provides money for the family's needs. Tending chickens is one of few opportunities for many to save and invest in rural developing countries. What is not consumed can be sold at market for a profit. Chickens also provide pest control and fertilizer for vegetable gardens. The amount of land needed to raise chickens is relatively small compared to other livestock, and they can survive on agricultural and household waste.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
Christian Relief Fund
Amarillo, TX
Christian Relief Fund is a nonprofit relief organization focused on rescuing orphans and vulnerable children from poverty. CRF operates child sponsorship programs that are dedicated to providing food, clean water, education, spiritual training, healthcare and disaster relief to the glory of God worldwide. It also provides family sponsorship and operates children's homes and schools in third-world countries and attempts to meet all individuals' spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

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