Five Chicks and Training

Gives 5 chicks
Gift Description:
$10 provides five chicks and training for a family in need. These chickens will supply a continual source of eggs to eat for protein and to sell in the market—a literal nest egg for a family. Chickens also provide pest control and fertilizer for vegetable gardens. Families will learn how to care for their chickens so they’ll stay healthy and continue to produce nutritious eggs for years to come, as one laying hen can produce up to 200 eggs a year. The amount of land needed to raise chickens is relatively small compared to other livestock, and they can survive on agricultural and household waste.
Area Served:
Burundi, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania, Thailand
Gift Provided By:
Plant With Purpose
San Diego, CA
Plant With Purpose is a Christian development organization that transforms lives in rural areas around the world where poverty and environmental degradation intersect. it equips impoverished farming families to change their circumstances, provide for their children and live with God-given hope and dignity. Plant With Purpose does this through sustainable agriculture training, land restoration, savings-led microfinance, church mobilization and local leadership development.

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