Treatment for Malnourished Kids

Gives treatment for 1 malnourished child
Gift Description:
$45 provides a malnourished child with milk, vitamins, medical testing and treatment for a month to combat negative long-term effects of infant malnourishment. Newborn babies are among the most vulnerable to malnutrition. Not only does your gift improve the survival rate of newborns, but it also improves their quality of life as they grow up. Malnourishment immediately leads to an increased susceptibility to illness and a slower recovery process. It also prevents children from growing to their optimum size as adults (limiting the work they are able to perform) and prevents their brains from developing fully. One month of treatment can change one child's life path, placing them on a trajectory out of poverty.
Area Served:
Dominican Republic
Gift Provided By:
Solid Rock International
Indianapolis, IN
Solid Rock International is focused on transforming the body, mind and soul of the poor in the Dominican Republic. Its desire is to holistically serve the poor in the Dominican Republic by focusing on all aspects of health. SRI acknowledges that there is so much more to wellness than just physical health. We believe we are called by God’s Word to care for the poor, and by doing so, are serving God himself.

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