Life-Saving Parvo Treatment

Gives parvo treatment for 1 puppy
Gift Description:
$200 provides a life-saving vaccine to an at-risk puppy in need. Parvo is an incurable and fatal disease that is easily prevented in puppies. One of the easiest ways to keep pets healthy is by ensuring they have all their vaccinations. Parvo is an incurable and highly resistant viral infection that kills unvaccinated dogs and young puppies. Spread dog-to-dog, the disease destroys the stomach and intestinal lining, causing lethargy, rapid dehydration, and death in 48-72 hours. There is no cure for Parvo, but it can be managed and prevented with a vaccination.
Area Served:
California - San Francisco Bay Area
Gift Provided By:
East Bay SPCA
Oakland, CA
The East Bay SPCA has been saving lost and abandoned animals since 1874. It is committed to the welfare of cats and dogs in the communities served, and strives to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals. EBSPCA provides adoption assistance, animal sheltering, foster care, affordable spay/neutering, full-service veterinary care, dog training, humane education programs and volunteer programs.

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