Honey Bees for а Family

Gives 1 hive of honey bees
Gift Description:
$25 will supply one family with a beehive to help increase household income. Bees are vital for agriculture and can increase the income of a farmer by $250 per hive. Honeybees produce more than a sweet treat—their honey and beeswax can be sold at market to pay for education, healthcare, or other needs. The bees also help pollinate surrounding plants, increasing fruit and vegetable yields. Beekeeping requires minimal work and occurs close to home, so a family can quickly start raising bees, and family members of all ages can participate, including mothers, who can care for their children while growing a business. With proper care, one beehive can multiply into many beehives, making a long-lasting impact on a family’s income. As an added benefit, bees help to pollinate plants, boosting a farmer’s yield for a bountiful harvest and a healthy and happier community.
Area Served:
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America
Gift Provided By:
Plan International USA
Warwick, RI
Plan strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of vulnerable children in developing countries by enabling children, their families and their communities to meet basic needs; fostering relationships among peoples of different cultures and countries; and promoting the rights and interests of the world’s children. Plan's solutions are designed with sustainability in mind and range from clean water and healthcare programs to education projects and child-protection initiatives.

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