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Providing children with a book written in the local language can do a world of good. Not only will it give flight to their young imaginations in a situation without radios, televisions, or libraries to assist the young mind, but reading books has also been shown to increase intelligence, brain power, decision-making, and thinking skills. One book donated can fire the imagination of countless children and re-route the trajectory of their lives out of poverty. 1 billion people will enter the 21st century illiterate, unable to read or sign their names. Studies show that of these 1 billion, two-thirds are women. Reading books promotes literacy, education and creative thinking. Most children in developing nations will never own a book, but your gift helps change this trend and keep kids out of the court system and even jail, while increasing their intelligence and brain power, and making them more empathetic.
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United States Fund for UNICEF
New York, NY
The United States Fund for UNICEF’s vision is a better world for children everywhere, and it does whatever it takes to save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. This mainly includes programs to save lives from Ebola, water-related diseases, malnutrition, lack of immunization, HIV/AIDS and malaria; build futures through increased education and decreased trafficking, violence, diabetes; and provide emergency relief from earthquakes, hurricanes, conflict, food crisis, floods tsunamis.

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