Mine Detection by Dog

Gives mine detection of 1 400-sq.ft. area
Gift Description:
Each dollar donated will help a mine detection dog search a 400 square foot area for deadly explosives. War-torn nations are plagued by hidden landmines that kill or mangle the innocent. Your gift helps find and remove landmines from a community. Finding and removing landmines can save thousands of lives and protect many others from disfigurement. Children injured by landmines face a lifetime of struggles. In many countries, the children who have lost limbs do not have access to the medical care, counseling, or prosthetic limbs they need to help them recover from this devastating tragedy.
Area Served:
Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eritrea, Iraq, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen
Gift Provided By:
The Marshall Legacy Institute
Arlington, VA
MLI is a nonprofit organization committed to helping war-torn countries help themselves. For many nations, a primary obstacle to achieving sustainable progress is the deadly legacy of landmines, the relics of armed conflicts that often ended long ago. MLI’s current focus is eliminating the humanitarian dangers and the destabilizing effects of landmines. It also offers support programs to teach citizens about the dangers of landmines, help survivors who have been injured, and much more.

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