Help Start a Sustainable Business

Gives a sustainable income for 1 person
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An average of $65 lifts 1 person out of poverty with a sustainable means for continued income generation. We've started over 150,000 businesses to date. For every dollar donated, we can turn it into $17 of profit. In a sustainable business. We look for business opportunities that many thousands of people can start with initial investments of no more than a few hundred dollars, and that are so profitable that entrepreneurs will recover their investment in the first three to six months. These new businesses must initially serve the needs of other poor people. As the businesses grow and the entrepreneurs become more experienced they can expand their market to include the local town, and then can start selling to middlemen who sell in the local city, and even to export markets.
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KickStart International
San Francisco, CA
Kickstart's mission is to help millions of people out of poverty. it promotes sustainable economic growth and employment creation by identifying business opportunities, designing products, establishing a supply chain, developing the market by convincing people with little money to make big investments, and measuring/moving along. By following this process, KickStart has created 140,000 jobs and $140 million annually in wages, and moved 860,000 people out of poverty.

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