Tools to Dig Community Wells

Gives tools to dig 1 well
Gift Description:
$160 will provide a village with the tools to dig a well to access drinking water close to home. CRS delivers a shovel and concrete blocks as well as the proper training to dig a shallow well. Communities often use rivers as swimming pools, laundromats and public toilets, so they must find a different and much further place to gather drinking water. This means women and children must do the backbreaking chore of walking thousands of hours to retrieve water for their families, which may not even be clean. CRS provides training so that community members learn the valuable skill of well building for the future while providing their communities with immediate access to close and safe drinking water. This relieves children and women from constantly walking long distances to retrieve unsafe water and allows them to focus on helping themselves and their families in school and at home.
Area Served:
Gift Provided By:
Catholic Relief Services
Baltimore, MD
Catholic Relief Services' mission is to assist impoverished and disadvantaged people overseas, working in the spirit of Catholic social teaching to promote the sacredness of human life and the dignity of the human person. Although their mission is rooted in the Catholic faith, CRS operations serve people solely on the basis of need, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. CRS reaches more than 85 million people in 101 countries on five continents.

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